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Category: Wet Basement

Snow and Basement Flooding

Because many parts of Pennsylvania and the North East experience significant seasonal snowfall, homeowners are frequently faced with flooded basements when the snow...

Basement Waterproofing Services, Back Up Sump Pump Systems Keeping Your Basement Dry at all Times

So you have invested in your home. You have increased your living space by digging out your crawl space (crawl space dig out), or maybe you have waterproofed and...

Basement Solutions French Drain Installation

Water intrusion on your basement can be caused by many things. It can be as simple as building up your foundation so that it slopes away from your home, cleaning your...

Basement Moisture Causes and Solutions

Basement Moisture Causes and Solutions The University of Minnesota Housing and Technology Department performed a comprehensive study on the problems, causes and...

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Effects of High Water Tables on Basements

Every single structure that goes underground, should be waterproofed.  If the structure is going to be in a place with a high water table, waterproofing must be of...

3 Reasons Why Waterproofing Your Basement is Worth the Cost

Waterproofing your basement can, at first glance, seem like a big expense. I mean, it can run a few grand…and not everyone has that kind of loot just lying around....

Tips for Cleaning Up After a Basement Flood

Need help cleaning up your basement or crawl space after a flooding? Call us at 877-495-9111

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Basement Waterproofing Basics

Water problems in your basement can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair if you let them go… They can ruin your home’s foundation and harm your...

When Water Gets Inside Your Basement Walls

Check out this quick video to see what happens when water gets trapped inside your basement or foundation walls and how fast it can turn once strong concrete into mush:

How to Extend Downspouts for Better Protection From Rain

Here’s a quick video on how to expand your downspouts and protect your home’s foundation from excess rain and water.