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Category: Wet Basement

Tips for Cleaning Up After a Basement Flood

Need help cleaning up your basement or crawl space after a flooding? Call us at 877-495-9111

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Basement Waterproofing Basics

Water problems in your basement can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair if you let them go… They can ruin your home’s foundation and harm your...

When Water Gets Inside Your Basement Walls

Check out this quick video to see what happens when water gets trapped inside your basement or foundation walls and how fast it can turn once strong concrete into mush:

How to Extend Downspouts for Better Protection From Rain

Here’s a quick video on how to expand your downspouts and protect your home’s foundation from excess rain and water.

How to Recess Downspouts

With all the thunderstorms that have been hitting the area recently, it’s important for the health of your home’s foundation and basement that your down...

Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly: Staging

Looking to sell your home quickly? Staging your house for viewing can go a long way to getting that job done! Remember to make sure your basement is clean, fresh and...

Wet Basement Fixes During Heavy Summer Rains

They seem to come out of nowhere…severe summer storms that dump tens of thousands of gallons of water on the Philadelphia & NJ region and cause wet basement...

Home Inspection Tips: Foundations & Wet Basements

As the rain pours over the Philadelphia & NJ area, many home owners are getting hit with wet basements. Check out this video on tips for how to deal with and prevent...