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Foundation Waterproofing


Just as you value your own reputation, your home values it’s foundation’s strength. Or, more plainly, others really put a lot of stock into the strength of your home’s foundation…especially when it’s time to sell the home. And, even more plainly, the value of your home is directly tied into the condition of your foundation’s strength and stability.

Your home’s foundation is designed to withstand and support the full weight of your home, tens of thousands of pounds. And, it does a pretty good job of doing just that. But, the foundation and basement are often responsible for putting up with a lot more pressure and weight than just your home.

Water, from rain or snow, can sit in or on the ground around your home. This is especially true if your home’s foundation sits below the water table line.

This water can be highly corrosive and will trickle down into the ground, causing the soil around your home to enlarge, literally swell up, and push a tremendous amount of pressure on your basement and foundation walls and floor.

Is Water In the Basement That Bad?

Having a wet basement is not joke. Water problems can cause your walls to literally buckle, crack and eventually collapse.

Most home owners tend to hear that and think it’s a disaster scenario. And, it may be. But, the truth is, every time it rains and your basement gets wet, water gets inside the walls, weakening the foundation. And, mold starts to grow. These damages only get worse over time…they won’t just get better on their own.

Every single time water comes into play (meaning every time it rains, snows or floods) you leave your home open to:

  • Foundation Cracks
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Foundation Failure
  • Bad Odors in the Basement
  • Decreased Home Value

How Can You Prevent Water Problems in the Basement

If you want to avoid the extreme costs of fixing a badly damaged foundation or basement, you need to get basement waterproofing done. When you install a proper basement waterproofing system, you protect your basement and foundation from water problems. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, plus it increases your home’s value.


Remember how all of that pressure from the ground swelling can damage your foundation walls? Well, by putting in a basement waterproofing system, complete with an improved drainage system, you can keep the water away from your home; and keep the pressure off of your basement walls!

The drainage system pulls and pushes water away from your home, relieving the stress on the soil and your basement walls and floor. Then, the waterproofing on the inside keeps water from finding its way through your walls, thus preventing cracking, bad smells and mold. All of this sounds like a big job, but, please note that simply by waterproofing your foundation and basement, you increase home value by 25 – 33%.

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