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Are you looking for waterproofing contractors who provide basement waterproofing services in the Delaware Valley? Basement Solutions 911 is the best option for you.

We at Basement Solutions 911 offer basement waterproofing and repair services to homeowners in the Delaware Valley like you.

Our team at Basement Solutions 911 features the best basement waterproofing contractors in the Delaware Valley. They consistently deliver impressive workmanship and superior customer service with a personal touch. We have already satisfied thousands of customers and can do the same for you.

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What Issues Can Water in Your Basement Lead To?

Are you aware of the complications that water in your basement can lead to? Find out the five types of unpleasant issues that water in your basement can cause in your Delaware Valley home.

Structural Damage

Water may enter your home in different forms, including rain, snow, or moisture. This water can cause structural damage to your basement by weakening the foundation of your home.

Rainwater and water that passes through the soil are both acidic. This corrosive water can “eat away” the concrete block walls and gradually weaken their structure. The formation of white powder, also known as efflorescence, is a telling sign of moisture problems.

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Basement waterproofing is a good way to prevent water from soaking through the walls and foundation of your house. It can help maintain the sturdiness and integrity of your home’s foundation.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew can cause harm not just to the walls of your house but also to your health and your family’s well-being. Mold and mildew are common problems of homeowners because mold spores abound in the air. They thrive on organic surfaces, which include your wooden walls and furniture.

Mold and mildew need moisture, oxygen, and warmth to flourish. Thankfully, homeowners like you can be proactive in minimizing moisture in your home by waterproofing your basement.

Increased Energy Costs

Excess moisture in your basement can cause your heater or air conditioner to work harder to regulate the temperature. This may cause your electricity bill to shoot up.

Basement waterproofing can minimize the amount of moisture in your basement to lessen the pressure on your air conditioning or heater. In the long run, basement waterproofing can help reduce your energy costs.

Cracks in the Foundation

Flooding and moisture can eventually cause cracks in the foundation of your home. This is a major issue because the foundation holds up and supports the rest of the house.

Basement waterproofing can be instrumental in protecting the foundation of your house. You can avoid moisture and flooding from causing cracks in your home’s foundation by waterproofing your basement.

Ruined Finished Basements

Basement renovation is a major home improvement project, whether you used your DIY skills or hired an expert. However, moisture and flooding can damage your walls, floors, furniture, and more. Safeguard your costly investment in your basement with the help of basement waterproofing.

You can prevent all these types of home issues by getting the basement waterproofing expertise of Basement Solutions 911 in Delaware Valley. Our waterproofing contractors are ready to give you the best deals in basement waterproofing in Delaware Valley. We also offer other services like foundation repair and crawl space conversions in PA.

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