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3 Reasons Why Waterproofing Your Basement is Worth the Cost


Waterproofing your basement can, at first glance, seem like a big expense. I mean, it can run a few grand…and not everyone has that kind of loot just lying around.

This is especially those who have newer homes.


But, for the people in New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania, waterproofing can mean the difference of a small investment…and an enormous repair bill!

The fact is that many new homes in these areas are built in new-housing developments which often have poor drainage systems and rarely have they had basement waterproofing performed. Plus, the Tri-state area is knows for getting pounded by rain and snow. Rain hits all year long in these areas.

So, waterproofing in nj, de & pa is quite necessary…

And, even if the home is new, it doesn’t mean the foundation and basement walls are immune from excess rain water (often acidic) or melted snow (again, often acidic and mixed with salt from the road crews.) Water can and will get into your basement walls and create havoc.

This acidic rain water, especially at the jersey shore or along the DE coast, can be so damaging that even one exposure can cost you…big time!


1. Waterproofing Protects Your Home’s Foundation and Basement Walls

The job of your foundation is to support your house…but, that’s not the biggest weight it hast to carry. The soil around the foundation can actually exert more pressure on the walls than the weight of the home. Called the lateral load, it is the amount of pressure exerted on basement walls and can vary widely. It depends on many factors, including what type of soil surrounds the foundation, how wet that soil is and how deep the foundation extends beneath the surface.

When you have new drainage put in that can deal with excess water efficiently, you release pressure on the walls. Plus, the waterproofing deals with any water that remains and keeps it out of your walls. When water gets inside the basement/foundation walls, it can turn it to mush. Check out the video below for an example…

2. Waterproofing Protects Your New Hope or Newtown Home From the Dangers of Mold and Mildew

Mold can be a huge problem, even in new homes. Once it catches hold, it will continue to grow back until you kill it off for good.

Why is mold so bad?

Mold reproduces by giving off air-borne spores. These spores get into the air in our homes and we breathe them in. This can lead to health problems from asthma to sinus issues to allergies to more serious respiratory illness, especially in children, the elderly and your pets. Using cleaners and wiping away mold and mildew is only a band-aid. It will continue to grow back no matter how many times you wipe it away.

As more and more news reports come out of NJ, DE, and PA of homes, schools and office buildings being infested with mold…and causing people major health issues, awareness is becoming more prevelant…but, not enough is being done. Most people think to just wipe it away with bleach…this doesn’t work.

Waterproofing, on the other hand, kills mold because it removes it’s food supply – water and moisture. When those are taken away, mold dies and doesn’t return. If you want to make sure your home stays mold free, get waterproofing done today.

3. Waterproofing Your Basement Can Increase the Value of Your NJ, DE, or PA Home by 25% or More

Studies have shown that a basement water problem can reduce the value of a home by 25% or more. The increased value resulting from waterproofing far outweighs the cost of process.

This is especially important when you are attempting to sell your home. Any signs of water damage in the basement, mold or mildew or cracks in the basement or foundation will adversely effect your selling price, big time.

You put a lot into your home, you should get a lot out of it. Waterproofing can give you a huge advantage in the housing market. Even if you plan on staying, yout still increase the value of your home…

(not to mention the improved air quality and quality of life, which is immeasurable!)