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5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement in Ardmore & Villanova PA


Villanova & Ardmore PA Basement Waterproofing: Why You Need to Have it Done, Now

The recent rain storms and hurricane has reminded home owners in PA Cities like Ardmore and Villanova of a one of the most important jobs home owners need to perform: keeping water out of their basement!

Water gets into your basement in variety of ways, including through cracks in the walls and by external pressure on the foundation…but they all trace back to one source…too much water from rain or snow! And, these problems can be extremely expensive to fix.
Much more expensive that simply waterproofing your basement!
In towns like Ardmore & Villanova, the sewer systems are often not equipped to handle the extra rain and snow, and all that water ends up getting into your basement!
Here are 5 reasons you should have basement waterproofing done in Philadelphia.
1. HEALTH AND WELL BEING: Wet basements can lead to mold and mildew problems that may have serious health concerns for you or your family.
2.DAMAGE TO YOUR HOME: Rotted wood, soaked insulation, deteriorated carpets and ruined appliances are all inevitable results of having wet basement basement waterproofing ardmore villanova pa termitesproblems.
3. TERMITES AND CARPENTER ANTS: These moisture loving insects find your basement leaks irresistible! Whether you have light basement flooding or a simple leak, the wetness creates the perfect environment and breeding grounds for these most unwelcome guests. Water bugs, centipedes and spiders also enjoy homes with basement water problems.
The truth is, most insect control services won’t even give you a guarantee on their services without repairing the problem first.

4.ELECTRICAL WIRING CONCERNS: Moisture and water inside your walls and insulation are perfect conductors of electrical currents. Moist electrical outlets and plugs can set up a real threat of electrical shock.
5. HOME VALUE: Studies have shown that a basement water problem can reduce the value of a home by 25% or more. The increased value resulting from waterproofing far outweighs the cost of process.
Simply waterproofing your basement eliminates all 5 of these issues! Sure, its an up-front cost, but, it ends up saving you thousands in repairs, plus,as you saw in number five, it can increase your home’s value a ton!