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mold & mycotoxins in basement

Basement Mold & Mycotoxins


Is your Basement slowly killing you?


It may seem far-fetched, but, your basement could be giving off a lethal compound that can slowly kill you, your children and your pets. And, even if it doesn’t get that far, these compounds can still make you sick.


mold & mycotoxins in basementBecause basements are a haven for mold and mildew. They get there, grow, multiply like Gremlins fed after midnight and wreak havoc on your health. And, they can be lethal to your pets and children.

This is because some types of mold, especially Black Mold, have what’s called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are, well, toxic and damage your health badly. They lead to asthma, allergies, even death.

When mold wants to multiply, it produces spores which get into our air ways. We then breathe these spores in, causing damage to our bodies. And, those spores contain the toxic substances known as mycotoxins!


  • Musty odor – your basement doesn’t have to “smell like a basement”
  • A fine white powder on unfinished walls
  • Puddles of water
  • High humidity
  • Dark spots on drywall
  • Visible cracks in the floor or walls
  • Damp areas on the walls or floor
  • Bubbling or peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Windows or doors that stick when opening and/or closing
  • Window or door sills that separate from the frame.

Mold occurs naturally as spores in the air.

It thrives in cool, dark, wet areas like your basement. Any space that has a relative humidity level of 55% or higher is a breeding ground for mold. Once mold growth begins in an area, it can spread to the rest of the house, causing issues ranging from mild allergies to serious health problems. By installing a system called Humidex which provides a continuous flow of fresh, dry air throughout your home, we can prevent future mold problems.

If mold has already begun to grow in your home, we will apply a spray to kill the existing mold before installing the Humidex system.
Mold spores get into our respiratory systems and can cause asthma, breathing problems, even death.
Basement waterproofing kills off mold by cutting off it’s food source by literally, strangling out water.
Waterproofing shields out moisture and never gives mold a chance to get a foothold.

By doing this, you prevent mold from growing and ever returning. Otherwise, mold will simple continue to grow, and multiple, much like the aforementioned gremlins and continue to mess up your health, home and wallet. So, get that mold removed today and breathe easy.