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Basement Remodeling: Worth The Cost?


If you were unlucky enough to buy a home with a crawl space or if it was built on a slab, having a basement must seem like a dream. But, you can get one with a crawl space dig out.


If you do have a basement already, it may be time to remodel. Making your basement clean, dry and liveable is great for your family and for the value of your home.

Basements are very attractive to buyers and realtors, but, they only like clean, dry, structurally sound basements. Most home owners, while they really want to improve the quality and value of their homes, are scared off of remodeling their basements because of the cost. There’s no way around it…this job isn’t cheap, at least up front.


So, if remodeling is expensive, why do it? Are there any benefits to remodeling that will outweigh the costs?

Luckily, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Check them out…


1. Remodeling Increases Storage Space


Many homes have basements but don’t have a lot of land for sheds or garages. So, storage of lawn care tools or just home wears are relegated to the basement.

  • This is fine, but, it can have huge drawbacks. If you basement is prone to water problems, you put your things at risk. Many an expensive piece of lawn care equipment has been ruined by basement flooding!

When you remodel, you also waterproof the basement. This is the best way to make sure that water never gets into the basement in the first place! Otherwise, you’re putting your things at risk. While equipment can be replaced, far too many home owners know that pictures, photo albums, clothing and other person items, loaded with sentimental value, can never be replaced.


2. Remodeling Gives Your Home Much More Living Space

The first thing that many people think of when they think of remodeling is the increased storage. But, this is only a fraction of what a remodeling job can do.


  • Remodeling (and again, combined with waterproofing), can give your home several new rooms, dramatically boosting living area.

Extra bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and play rooms are a few possibilities. Exercise rooms and home offices are a few more.

Obviously, all this living space is awesome for you…but it’s also great for potential buyers! Space is one of the first things buyers look for in a new home. By adding a whole floor to your home, you make the home much more appealing.

More space = more value.