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Basement Solutions French Drain Installation


Water intrusion on your basement can be caused by many things. It can be as simple as building up your foundation so that it slopes away from your home, cleaning your gutters, or installing a French drain. In other cases, maybe it’s time to call in the expert basement waterproofers Basement Solutions.

French Drains

One of the most common basement waterproofing techniques used by our team is called a French Drain. French Drains can be internal or external. An external French drain goes around the outside of your basement walls. An internal French drain goes around the perimeter of your basement slab. Both systems install next to your foundation footing. Neither solution is a DIY project, and each has advantages. Here’s what you need to know.

Interior French Drain

An interior French drain doesn’t prevent water from entering your basement. Rather, it catches water that seeps inside and channels it by gravity to a sump pump that sends the water back outside or into a drain line.

To install an interior French drain, a waterproofing contractor cuts a channel into your basement slab around its perimeter. The contractor excavates the ground below the channel, installs perforated drain pipe and a sump pump well, and fills the trench with drainage gravel. Fresh concrete is used to patch the slab.


Doesn’t disturb exterior landscaping.

Basement is readily accessible in all weather, so work proceeds on schedule.

Most noteworthy, it costs less than an exterior footing drain.


Can’t stop wall seepage (so applying wall finishes remains problematic).

Sump pump won’t function during electrical outages without battery or generator backup. In addition, make sure that you ask our experts about our sump pump back up package.

Cutting concrete is messy and noisy.

Installing an exterior French Drain

One of the surest waterproofing solutions is an exterior French drain. In addition, it’s also one of the most expensive. Because this system requires a thorough excavation to expose your foundation walls and footings, it gives you the opportunity to apply a waterproof coating or membrane to the exterior surfaces of your walls for added protection.

First, to install an exterior footing drain, a waterproofing contractor digs around the outside of your foundation with a backhoe. The contractor applies waterproofing to your basement walls, then installs a French drain system next to the foundation footing. Drainage is promoted when the excavation site is filled with gravel.

Drainage will flow by gravity to an exit point if your lot is sloped. Otherwise, you’ll need an exterior sump pump to move the water away from your house.


Waterproofs basement walls from the outside

Large excavation ensures good drainage next to the foundation
Removes water before it can enter basement


Working a backhoe around your property may destroy landscaping features.

All plantings at the dig site will be removed.

Our team of experts will always assess your particular situation and offer the best basement waterproofing option for you and your budget.


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