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Basement Services in Philadelphia


Recently, Patricia  and her Husband Paul from North East Philadelphia contacted us for a free basement inspection.  They had notice puddling on their basement floors after heavy rains.  Their basement needed waterproofing and mold remediation.

First, they had a water intrusion problem.  Water was slowly seeping through a few sections of the basement walls.  Second, it was evident to us that this issue had been going on and unnoticed for some time.  There was a good amount of mold on some of the walls.

After discussing options we decided on an internal french drain with a sump pump, and dry ice mold removal.

A French drain is a common solution for waterproofing a basement. It’s a trench containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from the foundation. This type of drainage system is an effective way to redirect water.

Dry ice blasting replaces the manual sanding and scraping process. It also creates very little waste. However, this is not the case with other forms of media blasting. Sand blasting and soda blasting both create waste.  This can double the remediation project time. Also, sand blasting can be very damaging to the surface being blasted.  Finally,  soda blasting has been said to alter the PH levels in the soil.  Dry ice blasting is the cleanest and fastest remediation method available.

Within a few days, Patricia and Paul’s house was back to normal.

If you are experiencing any issues with mold or water intrusion in your basement, please call us at 610-495-9111 or visit us at http://www.basements911.com.  We also serve Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.