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Basement Waterpoofing in East Rutherford and Englewood Cliffs NJ


Bergen County Basement Waterproofing: Protect Your Home in East Rutherford and Englewood Cliffs!

Even in North Jersey, basements are at risk! While normally thought of as highly-urban areas, many cities in bergan county, like East Rutherford and Englewood Cliffs, have suburbs…and lots of homes with basements that are at risk of experiencing water damages.

These cities often get hit extra hard by rain coming off of the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers.

This is why basement waterproofing in Englewood Cliffs & East Rutherford is so key!

Otherwise, you’re beautiful home can be infested with mold, struck with structural damages and it’s value will decrease dramatically.

Check out this quick video of what happens to your basement (or crawlspace) walls when water is allowed to get inside:

As you can see, this can lead to enormous damages!

Plus, there’s the mold factor. Mold grows from water…as long as there is even one drop of water present in your basement, mold can grow. Check out this video on how mold can lead to sinus problems:

Waterproofing your basement in Bergen County will stop these problems dead in their tracks. It will keep water out of the basement and the basement walls. It will kill mold and prevent it from returning by drying up and sealing out all water.

It will also increase the value of your Englewood Cliffs or East Rutherford home…it shows potential buyers that¬† your basement is dry and free of cracks and structural damage. And, having a fresh, dry basement essentially adds and entire floor onto your home!