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basement waterproofing allentown bethlehem pa before and after

Basement Waterproofing in Allentown & Bethlehem PA


How Waterproofing Your Basement in Bethlehem & Allentown PA Can Save Your Home’s Foundation

Some towns in Pennsylvania tend to get hit extra hard by the rain, snow and flooding. All of this leads to water problems in the basement. In Allentown and it’s neighbor Bethlehem, these problems are common.

Rain, snow, high temperatures, humidity, freezing weather, sleet,…they all contribute to weakening your home’s foundation. The foundation, as the name implies, is the base of your home. A weak foundation equals a weak home. And remember, your foundation is responsible for holding up the entire weight of your basement waterproofing allentown bethlehem pa before and afterhouse, and that can be significant. But, contractors are smart and build foundations strong enough so that they can withstand the pressure put on it by the weight of your home.

However, no one can make a base strong enough to take a pounding from Mother Nature.

Your Allentown or Bethlehem PA home’s foundation can be a basement or crawl space, but, basements are stronger. They are made of cement or cinder block to make them strong. But, they are not immune from some kinds of problems.

Water can be a real killer for basements and foundations. Water from rain and snow especially can be acidic and eat away at the walls. All this to continue and the problem will quickly get worse and worse.

Is there a way to beat the elements? Yes…and it’s called basement waterproofing

Without waterproofing, the simple combination of water and the soil around your home can spell disaster for you. Soil (dirt) absorbs the water and will literally shift and flow. When you have a lot of water around your home, the growing soil can literally push on your basement walls from the sides or upward through the basement floor.

Water puts a lot of pressure on the walls and gets shoved into the cement where it pushes it’s way through.