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How Basement Waterproofing in King of Prussia & Harleysville PA Can Save You Big-Time on Home Owner’s Insurance


King of Prussia & Harleysville PA: Basement Waterproofing Saves You a Bundle on Home Owner’s Insurance

Waterproof your basement in King of Prussia & Harleysville PA and save big. It’s a total win/win situation! You protect your home, your basement and all the valuables you store in the basement, plus, you can end up saving a lot of money on your home owner’s insurance!

Insurance companies are obviously always looking for better ways to keep claims at a minimum. Whether it pertains to your health, automobile or home, king of prussia basement waterproofingprevention is the best way to help keep something bad from happening.

Insurance companies routinely lower rates for customers who do not smoke, or stay in shape by regular attendance at the gym.

“Silver Sneakers” is a well known fitness program – sponsored 100 percent by insurance companies – where seniors are encouraged to stay fit.

Take good care of your car, drive safely and your auto insurance company will reward your good deeds with a better rate.

And why not? Everyone wins with these prevention methods are followed.

The same applies to your home.

According to houseinsurancerates.com, waterproofing your basement in cities like Harlyesville and King of Prussia can actually lead to a lower Homeowner Insurance rate.

An excerpt from their website reveals:


Insurance companies want to be reassured that your home is as disaster- and theft-proof as possible. By modifying your home with certain safety features, you will be far more likely to qualify for a cheap home insurance quote. Precautions against theft, fire, flooding, and other disasters can cut hundreds of dollars out of your yearly premium in many cases. Here are a few things you can do to improve your home’s resistance to such calamities and get cheaper home insurance:

  • Install deadbolt locks on all outside doors
  • Put in an alarm system that notifies the police when a security breach is detected
  • Install backflow devices to prevent flooding from broken pipes
  • Waterproof your basement
  • Put in smoke alarms and fire sprinklers
  • Minimize your liability by fencing off your pool or spa

Why is waterproofing your basement so important to your insurance?

Because waterproofing:

  • Kills mold and keeps it out of your basement
  • Strengthens and protects your basement and foundation walls (a problem, that if left unchecked,  can cause your foundation to collapse and cost well over $50,000 to fix!)
  • Increase re-sale value of your home. Some estimate that waterproofing can increase value by 25% or more

So, be sure to waterproof your basement so that you’re protected….and can save some money in the process.