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How Basement Waterproofing in Travose & Langhorne PA Helps Your Home & Protects the Health of Your Children and Pets


Protect the Health of Your Children and Pets with Basement Waterproofing in Travose & Langhorne PA

Is your home safe for your pet?

Dogs and cats have lungs just like humans and are susceptible to many of the same health problems their owners are at risk for when the home has mold and mildew infection. Many homes in areas of Bucks County, like Travose and Langhorne suffer from basement water problems which lead to intense mold growth and the growth of the ultra-harmful black mold.

basement waterproofing in langhorna pa In a story written Phillip Fry – who has authored five mold-advice eBooks, Mr. Fry writes:

“Small mammal pets are often the first to experience the symptoms and health ravages of living in a mold-infested home. If there is a mold problem in your basement, the mold problem is likely to be all-around your home, including inside the heating/cooling equipment and ducts. You would be wise to mold test your entire house…”

Anytime you have water or moisture it your basement, mold and mildew grow and colonize. Then, they give off reproductive spores, which we breathe in. And, your pet’s are breathing the same spores. Many think that because the mold is in the basement, it won’t effect the rest of the home.

This is absolutely untrue. Remember that anywhere air goes, so do the spores. They can come in through your AC or heating vents, any time you open a door, or any time you bring items up from the basement and into the living areas.

Toxic black mold can get into your dog or cat’s lungs and strain the capillaries. Once this happens. they can burst and bleed! This can cause death fairly rapidly. It is ultra important to insure your home is not mold infested.

Bucks County PA Basement Waterproofing Kills Mold

First, test each room in the home for mold. Start in the basement as this is the most effected. If you see white streaks or lying water, moisture on the walls or any visible signs of mold, start running a dehumidifier and clean the walls with a mold-cleaning solution. Then, test the rest of the home, in each room. Go though the entire home…

After this, you need to get basement waterproofing done at once. Dehumidifiers and cleaning products take mold away temporarily. But, as long as moisture exists, so does mold. And, the longer it’s there, the longer your pets breath it in.

Waterproofing seals moisture out of the walls and in between the walls. It kills mold’s source of food and keeps it out of your house. If you love your pets, then this is a no-brainer. Considering that mold spores can KILL your dog or cat, you should know its so important to have waterproofing performed for your children and pets alike!