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How Basement Waterproofing in Voorhees & Collingswood NJ Increases Home Value


Voorhees & Collingswood NJ Basement Waterproofing Raises the Value of Your House by 25% or More…Here’s How:

Homeowners in NJ towns like Collingswood and Voorhees may not know it, but, the simple act of waterproofing their basement can boost the value of their home by over 25%!

basement waterproofing voorheesYou may be asking, “how can basement waterproofing increase the value of my home by that much?”

Well, while waterproofing may not seem like an exciting job that can generate that kind of increase in value, in reality it does all that and more; such as:

  • Removes Harmful Mold from Your Basement & Home
  • Keeps the Foundation and Basement Walls Strong, Crack-Free, and Dry
  • Makes Selling Your Home Fast and Easy by Increasing Home Value and Calming Potential Buyer’s Fears

Basement Waterproofing in Collingswood & Voorhees NJ: Your Simple Solution to Better Health, Increased Home Value, and Stro9ng Foundations

Waterproofing does all this by sealing the walls of your basement. See, even hard surfaces like cinderblock are porous. Water can push its way in from the outside when it rains or when a heavy amount of snow melts. All of that water gets into the ground and exerts pressure on the basement and foundation walls by causing the soil around the house to “swell” and push hard into the walls.

This can literally push water in through the cinderblock or concrete. Worse yet, this causes water to get inside the walls, causing all kinds of damage.

Then, once the water is in the walls begin to weaken and mold starts to grow (mold lives off of moisture and reproduces with airborne spores, which everyone in the house then breathe in)

So, waterproofing your basement increase the value of your Collingswood or Voorhees home by:

  1. Eliminating Mold – Any sign of mold will instantly bring the value of your home down in the eyes of realtors and potential buyers.
  2. Strengthening Foundation Walls – Waterproofing + better drainage keeps water away from your basement walls and relieves the pressure on them
  3. Removes ALL Signs of Water Damage – Again, this instantly increase property value. Water damage can be a killer when it’s time to sell your home or refinance

And, the best part is, that right now is an excellent time to get waterproofing done.