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Benefits of Bilco Doors


Benefits of Installing Bilco Doors

Bilco doors are a type of rugged, sturdy doors leading from the basement to outside. These doors usually come in steel, but there are high-quality plastic varieties.


  • Meets building code requirements

These basement doors are engineered to specification, therefore they will help you meet the requirements of various building emergency exit codes.

  • Easy to use

This type of door is designed for easy and smooth usage. The doors are easy to open and shut. The mechanism will prevent the doors from slamming shut and also injuring you.

  • Weather-tight

Gusty winds, heavy rainfall, or falling debris do not effect these weather tight doors. You can keep your basement clean and also free of pollutants from the outside.

  • Security

In the event of a fire, bilco doors act as an evacuation mechanism. They lock easily from the inside and protect against intruders.

  • Long-lasting and reliable

Each customer receives custom made bilco doors, unlike what many of our competitors offer.  This allows for sturdier attachment points and a guaranteed leak free seal.

Consider these benefits and talk to the professional contractors at Basement Solutions for more information on basement bilco doors. This will ensure that you make an informed decision.