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Can Waterproofing Your Basement Really Increase Home Value


Your home is probably the biggest thing you’ve ever bought.

Not many people have a list of items they’ve purchased that cost between 100,000 and a million dollars. While it may have been a big expense, most people rest easy knowing that at some point then can sell the home and get their money back plus make a little extra.
However, since the down turn of the housing market a few years ago, selling your home has become ultra competitive.

And, although the market is improving and homes are starting to sell again, the truth is that the market is still crazy competitive. Every little extra counts…anything you can do do raise home value or increase the sale-ability of your home can pay off big time.
How can you accomplish this?

By waterproofing your basement.


Why waterproofing?

Because it instantly boosts the value of your home dramatically. It gives realtors and buyers the chance to know that they are dealing with a home that is without foundation problems, mold, mildew, and water problems. When a buyer knows that a home’s basement and foundation has water problems, it can be a deal killer. In fact, not only will not waterproofing not raise the value, it will decrease it by a great deal. The amount will vary by location and price of the home, but, if you’re selling your home and it has signs of mold, mildew or structural damages and your neighbor’s house is without these issues, his home will sell for more and quicker.

By waterproofing, you sure up the home’s most precious asset – the foundation. When the foundation is kept free of water damages, it remains strong and stable. This is huge as fixing a foundation problem is so expensive that most people have to default on the home rather than pay. Most problems can cost well over fifty thousand to fix…and most contractors do not allow payment plans on these kinds of repairs!

Waterproofing is a system that consists of better systems of drainage, clearing out existing drains, and coating the walls and floor of the basement with the waterproofing substance. This dries any water out, killing mold and mildew. This also prevents any water from making it’s way in in the future.

The better drainage helps homes that sit either below the water table, at the bottom of a hill or slope, and those that tend to have water lay around the ground in the perimiter of the home that just sits there, eating away at the cement.

Sure, waterproofing your basement is an investment of some money up front, but, it does have an excellent ROI, plus it raises home value by 25 and upwards of 37%.

And, most contractors DO allow payment plans…some even giving 0% financing.

Remember, waterproofing protects your home’s basement and foundation walls, gets mold out of your home (huge with potential buyers and for your health), and makes your home much more valuable…that’s a pretty great deal.


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