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Cat Urine Odor Removal


According to the Simmons National Consumer Study, roughly 50-60% of Americans own a pet. We all love our furry friends and would do most anything for them but they often come with a few prices, one of them being the stains and smells of urine.

Dog, and specifically cat pee have an extremely pungent and specific odor. The smell can often last for weeks or longer even after self-cleaned and the stains begin to add up. Carpet cleaning products that eliminate most all stains and odors struggle to find a fix to this problem but luckily, Basement Solutions has found the solution.

How to Rid of Odors

The processes are different for carpeted flooring and concrete, but the results stay consistent. For concrete surfaces we acid clean the surface with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. For carpets we use a soap-based solution. We then encapsulate the concrete with a beautiful grey epoxy floor paint and the smell is completely eliminated. We also offer further decontamination spraying that eliminates urine odors and others alike.

If you love your pets but hate their smells, give us a call and we’ll give you a solution. Cat pee doesn’t stand a chance against Basement Solutions!

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