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Basement Remodeling Increases House Value

If you’re looking to add a basement to your home or remodel, you should check out this short video:

How to Easily Extend Your Downspouts (Video)

Quick video from the Home Depot on how to extend your downspouts. Need help making sure that rain water is carried away from your home? Give us a call at 877-495-9111...

Tips for Cleaning Up After a Basement Flood

Need help cleaning up your basement or crawl space after a flooding? Call us at 877-495-9111

mold & mycotoxins in basement

Basement Mold & Mycotoxins

Is your Basement slowly killing you?   It may seem far-fetched, but, your basement could be giving off a lethal compound that can slowly kill you, your children and...

crawl space waterproofing

Need Crawl Space Waterproofing in NJ?

If you live in NJ, and your home has a crawlspace…chances are, you need crawlspace waterproofing done!   Crawlspaces are just as likely to suffer from water...

flooded basement pa

Basement Waterproofing Basics

Water problems in your basement can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to repair if you let them go… They can ruin your home’s foundation and harm your...

clinton nj basement wall repair

Fast Fixes for Foundation Cracks

Finding cracks in your foundation’s walls? Here are some of the causes and solutions to common foundation and basement structural problems: Pressure from the soil...

Basement Remodeling: Worth The Cost?

If you were unlucky enough to buy a home with a crawl space or if it was built on a slab, having a basement must seem like a dream. But, you can get one with a crawl...

avoid being ripped off by contractors

3 Tips to Not Getting Ripped Off by a Contractor

Setting out to do home improvements, especially major remodeling projects, can be a daunting task. Even though the DIY crowd paints a picture of easy, pain-free home...

When Water Gets Inside Your Basement Walls

Check out this quick video to see what happens when water gets trapped inside your basement or foundation walls and how fast it can turn once strong concrete into mush: