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How to Change Your Crawl Space Into a Basement


Ever dream of changing that crawl space into a full basement? Would you rather have vastly increased storage and living space? Maybe you thought it was impossible, but…

You can get rid of that cramped, tiny, wet crawl space. In fact, it’s actually pretty easy to do so. You can get a crawl space dig out…commonly known as a conversion.

Conversions are the answers to many a home owner’s prayer. They convert your tiny little crawl space into a big, full basement.

Pretty awesome, right?

Is getting a conversion worth it?

Our families are continually getting bigger. We are aquiring more stuff than ever.

And, more so than the actual number of family members, our ever-growing need for space can drive you crazy if you have a crawl space.
No matter what, it never seems we have enough space to store all of our stuff.

Well, if you could wave a magic wand and have a full basement, how much more space would you have!

So, the first huge advantage of a conversion is the added space for storage that it provides. Finally, you’ll have a place to store you things in a safe, dry location.

Next up is the return on investment.

Changing your crawlspace into a basement isn’t a cheap job.
But, many studies have shown that you get back the cost plus make more money when it’s time to sell
crawlspace converted into a finished basement

  • The return is usually from 100 130% of original cost.


Homes with basements sell for more money. Especially dry, finished basements!

Many home owners who convert their crawl spaces go far beyond simply adding a basement. They instead turn that basement into another floor on the home; often adding rooms (like extra bedrooms, bathrooms, home gyms or entertainment rooms).

This can have the value of your home sky rocket!

Now, your new home, with it’s new basement, is worth a lot more money, you have more living and storage space, and, it’s a lot like putting an addition on your home you have new rooms and vastly increased living area!

There is a common misconception that converting your crawl space into a basement is almost impossibly complicated and expensive.

But, the truth is that as long as you turn the job over to a professional, getting yourself a beautiful, full basement is not that hard! In fact, it’s a job that can be done fairly quickly and you’ll be blown away by the result. A Conversion will literally transform your home!

Imagine for a moment having your home’s value increase dramatically

  • Adding a full extra story to your home
  • Tripling or quadrupling your storage space
  • Adding an Exercise room
  • Having a Play room for the kids (and reclaiming your living room!)
  • Having an home theater/entertainment room

A crawl space dig out can give you all this. To find out more info and get a FREE Estimate, please give us a call at 877-495-9111.