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Concrete Flatwork and Foundation Sealing


Concrete Foundation Sealing

If you have a concrete foundation floor, you’re probably wondering how you can ensure that water won’t penetrate it. There are various options available in the market for the waterproofing of basement floors. Waterproofing paint has so far been lauded as the most effective.

Paint Doesn’t Cut It

There has been a lot of hype around waterproof paint and how it is an effective way to keep water out of basement floors and walls. However, the truth is quite the contrary. Waterproof paint won’t keep water out of your foundation because it allows water to penetrate the basement floor and walls. The water will accumulate under the paint and inside the basement walls and floor causing moisture problems in the basement.

If you want to keep water out of your foundation, you will have to stop it from penetrating the walls and the floor.

Sealing the Foundation

Concrete foundation sealing is a great option for keeping water out of the foundation. This involves the use of a sealant.

Concrete is porous in nature. Water in the surrounding soil makes its way into the foundation via the microscopic spaces in the concrete. As the concrete ages, the spaces or pores become larger allowing even more water into the basement.

A sealant works by penetrating the concrete to fill the pores and spaces within the concrete. This creates a solid mass through which water can no longer penetrate. Your basement remains dry even as the concrete ages over time.

Benefits of Sealing

There are many benefits of opting for concrete foundation sealing. These include:

  1. It is effective at keeping moisture out

Sealing is a highly effective way to keep water out of the foundation. The seal leaves no room for water to penetrate the foundation. You are therefore not likely to experience any basement moisture problems.

  1. Effective against dangerous gases

The seal is also effective against poisonous gases that occur in soil. Sealing ensures that all pores in the concrete are filled. The result is an impervious solid. Gases such as radon cannot therefore make their way into the basement.

  1. Safe

Sealants are designed to be harmless to the environment. They also do not release any volatile compounds that would be harmful to the occupants of your home. You can be sure that your home is safe with a sealant keeping moisture at bay.

  1. Can be painted over
  • You can easily paint over the sealant once it has been applied.


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