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Concrete Foundation Sealing


If your foundation is concrete like most, you might assume water won’t penetrate it. Unfortunately, this is far from true without the correct waterproofing and sealant.

Painting is a Temporary Fix, Not Permanent

Some homeowners and even some waterproofers believe painting to be an effective way to keep water out of floors and walls. Truthfully, waterproof paint is only a solution to very minor issues. Water will accumulate under the paint, eventually causing it to crack and peel when the water gets through.

If you really want to keep water out of your basement and foundation, you will have to stop it at the source.

Foundation Sealing

Sealing your concrete foundation can be a great option for keeping your basement dry. This involves the use of an industrial sealant that is applied over the concrete directly. Since concrete is naturally porous, water in the surrounding soil makes its way into the foundation. Over time, the spaces or pores become larger.

A sealant works by penetrating the concrete to fill the pores and spaces within the concrete. This creates a solid mass through which water can no longer penetrate and your basement is left dry for good.


  • Keeps moisture out

This one is a bit obvious but sealing is a highly effective way to keep water out of the foundation. The seal leaves no room for water to penetrate the foundation. You are therefore not likely to experience any basement moisture problems.

  • Effective against harmful gases

The seal created is also effective against gases that occur in the ground. The soil under the home is home to methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor and even radon but this seal helps combat these if they are in fact present.

  • Eco-Friendly

Sealants are designed to be harmless to the environment. They also do not release any volatile compounds that would be harmful to the occupants of your home. You can be sure that your home is safe with a sealant keeping moisture levels stable.

  • Easily Painted Over

The sealant we use in this process is absolutely able to be painted over with ease. Paint will stick to it as it will most surfaces.

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