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Cost of a Crawlspace Conversion


Thinking about converting your crawl space into a fully functioning basement? Concerned that they might be too expensive? You’re not alone. At first glance, a crawlspace digout might seem like too large a task to afford for just anyone. This is simply not the case.

Not only does this process immediately increase the value and overall use of your home, it’s affordable. Here is an explanation of how much a crawl space conversion usually costs and where these funds are allocated.

How Much?

Every project has variable costs depending on depth and the structural needs but there are some general rules of thumb.

In most cases, the ultimate cost of a 2 to 3 foot dig-out amounts to $50 per square foot. This covers the digging, dirt removal, structural needs (if any), footers, walls and floor.

If you want a rough estimate, take the square footage of your home, divide it by 5, then multiply that number by $50. Note that this is just a guide. Your home will cost more or less depending on your individual situation.

What For?

  • Manual dig-out and dirt removal
  • Structural support and engineering
  • Footer, floor and walls
  • Waterproofing of the new structure
  • Sump-pump installation
  • Window well/ Bilco door installation
  • Additional amenities can be added for low costs

The area of the new basement is generally about half of the square footage of the house and a crawlspace digout provides great new space for living or storage. It’s an involved job, but most home owners see a 125% return on investment if they are planning to sell the home at some point or use a home equity loan.

The biggest problem for you is knowing what you want to use the space for! The opportunities are endless for this lifestyle changing move. If you have a useless, musty crawlspace, make it a part of YOUR home, NOT a home for critters and mold.

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