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Crawl Space Conversion


A Crawl space conversion also known as a “dig-out” can literally transform your cramped, musty old Crawl Space into a Full, Dry, Basement.

  • Easily Add a Fresh, Dry, Basement to Your Home!

  • Increase Living Space and Home Value!

  • Remodel & Add Brand New Rooms to Your New Basement!

  • Increase Home Value Dramatically


Whether your home is built on a slab, crawl space or even on a basement you feel is too small, we can help convert it to a Full, Large, Livable basement!

As homeowners with a crawl space known, they aren’t very useful when it comes to storage or living space. And, they attract mold, mildew, water, and quite often, rodents and wild life.

Plus homes with crawl spaces sell for FAR less than those with basements.



Benefits of Converting Your Crawl Space Into a Basement:

  • Vastly Increased Storage space
  • Increased Home Value (and Re-Sale Value)
  • Dramatically Increases Living Space
  • Decreases Energy Costs


What is a Crawl Space Conversion or Dig Out?

A conversion, or dig out, is the process of digging out the area beneath your home where your crawlspace is. We dig the area to a depth of 7 – 10 feet, or the size of a full basement, and can provide access to an outside entrance with pre-fab doors, like Bilco, etc.

A concrete or cement floor and walls are put in place, giving you a solid foundation and a new, fresh, dry basement.


crawlspace dig out  

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