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Crawl Space Conversion to a Basement


Thinking About Converting Your Crawl Space Into A Basement?

Changing your crawl space into a full basement is easier than ever. In the old days, it was a huge, expensive and horribly dangerous job, but, now a qualified basement contractor can perform the job with ease…and, it’s such a great investment that it’ll pay for itself a few times over when it comes to home value and the increases in living space!

Have a crawl space, especially in many urban-sprawl spawned cities in New Jersey and South Eastern Pennsylavania¬† is, sometimes literally, for the birds. They crawl space dig out before picjust don’t cut the mustard when it comes to providing any real storage or living space. They are usually cramped and small…damp and wet…and harbor mildew and mold like crazy.

Think not having a basement isn’t that big of a deal? Well, here are the cold, hard facts:

Homes without basements sell for far less than those with.

Crawl spaces are much smaller than basements and often exposed to the elements, thus making them almost useless for storage.

Only a basement can offer increased living space on your home.

Converting your crawl space into a basement increases the value of your home by 25% or more!

What Is a Dig Out?

A dig out is exactly what it sounds like…digging out the crawl space area to the point where it’s big enough to make a full basement out of the space. Then, adding crawl space conversion finished basementwalls and a floor and maybe an outside entrance.

If A Dig Out is So Great, How Come More People Don’t Get Them

OK, before we further delve into the benefits of a converting it into a basement, let’s get the con’s out of the way.

Conversions are, at least in the beginning, expensive. They can be a big chunk of dough up front and this scares off many home owners.

Dig outs can also be dangerous to perform…they are not for the average person and MUST be done by a professional.

Converting is complicated, again, it’s not for the Do-it-yourself type.


Don’t let those few cons scare you off. There is a way around all of them, and as you’ll see, the benefits are much greater.

First, a conversion out IS costly up front, but, most good contractors offer financing options, some with as low as 0%. This can allow most people to absorb the cost much easier by paying it in installments with no interest charges.

Second, you will not only recoup the initial investment, but actually MAKE money on the process because adding a basement and waterproofing it increases the value of your home by more than 25%. This combined with the fact that home with basements self or more money than those without is reason enough to get the project done.

When you consider those two points, dealing with a professional doesn’t sound so bad.

And, when you factor in that your new basement can give you:

  • A home office
  • Play room for the kids or pets
  • Exercise room or home gym
  • Living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens…the possibilities are endless

All of this can be given to your home as a result of converting your crawl space with a dig out.