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Crawlspace Dig Out: A great way to increase your living space


Crawlspace Dig Out

A conversion, often called a “dig out” or excavation is the way that contractors change your crawlspace and give your home a basement. It is, no doubt, a big job and one that should absolutely left to contractors and professionals. Whenever you dig under your home, it is extremely dangerous! Do not attempt alone. We at Basement Solutions are experts in crawlspace dig outs.  We have done this hundreds of times.

When a we perform a crawlspace dig out, we excavate to the depth and width of a full basement. This can be 7, 8, 9 or 10 feet deep, depending on your preference. The idea is to give you as much extra living space as possible.

We will also use concrete to make a basement floor and walls, and we will waterproof the new basement to insure that you have no water problems in the future (mold, mildew, cracks, weak foundation, etc).

Crawlspace Dig OutCrawlspace Dig Out

The main hurdle for most home owners is cost. A crawlspace dig out is, without a doubt, a big investment up front. But, as you’ll see, the benefits far outweigh the initial cost! And dig outs tend to be cheaper and faster than adding a room to your home. Here are three of the major benefits of a dig out.

1. Dramatically Increase Living Space

No doubt about it, adding a basement to your home adds a ton of living space. Obviously, you and your family aren’t hanging out in the crawlspace!

Basements literally add an entire floor to your home. They give you the opportunity to simply have a large living space or to turn it into and additional floor, complete with multiple rooms. Many homeowners who’ve converted their crawlspaces then turn their basement into a mult-room living area, often adding a bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms.

But, it can be as simple as having a new exercise room/home gym, adult entertainment center, kid’s play room or home office.

If you add a basement with a dig out and you waterproof it, you now have a big, dry area to relax and enjoy your home.

2. Increases Home Value

This is perhaps the biggest draw for homeowners; crawl space dig outs equal more money when it comes time to sell your home.

Houses with basements sell for much more than homes without, often 20 – 30% more. This alone will help you recoup your initial investment, and, most studies show, that the return on investment is usually in the neighborhood of 130%!

3. Increase Storage Space

Anyone with a crawlspace knows they’re terrible for storage. Crawlspaces are small, cramped and usually damp. They’re prone to water damages which puts all of your stored things at risk.

A basement, on the other hand, gives you ample storage room and is a dryer area to protect your things.