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crawl space waterproofing

Need Crawl Space Waterproofing in NJ?


If you live in NJ, and your home has a crawlspace…chances are, you need crawlspace waterproofing done!


Crawlspaces are just as likely to suffer from water damages as basements. Maybe not on as grand of a scale, but, they are hit hard none the less.

In the Northeast, snow and rain cause mold and structural problems for homeowners with crawlspaces.

  • And, all across New Jersey, homes with crawlspaces are at risk and need waterproofing.

While many envision every home in jersey, especially south of Trenton, to be huge homes built on basements with huge yards, the truth is, homes from Elizabeth to Cape May Pointe and back are often built with no basements.

This is especially true at the shore…Ocean City, Atlantic City, Cape May, Sea Isle, Long Beach, Seaside Heights, and Barnegat all often have homes with crawl spaces…and they are all-too-often hit with water problems.

crawl space waterproofingAt the shore, they get the double whammy of heavy rain and snow plus highly acidic ocean water. In the rest of NJ, homes with crawlspace are succeptiable to heavy rain falls and increasingly heavy snow falls each fall and winter. But, what’s the big deal? Isn’t having a little water in your crawlspace perfectly ok? Absolutely not! Here are 3 reasons you need crawlspace waterproofing on your NJ home…

1. Waterproofing Prevents Mold Growth When you have a crawl space, much like a basement, it can develop water problems. Moisture grows mold, and that can be toxic. It can also cause structural damage (which is hugely expensive) and wreck your house. Those mold spores will get into your home eventually and you and your family will breathe them in. Also the moisture and water that allows mildew and mold to grow effects the home’s floor system and even the framework. “It ruins houses and other built-in infrastructures due to the mold and fungi buildup along with other insects that destroys wood framing and other construction materials a structure is generally built of. Studies show that crawl spaces which do not have any opening for outside environment air could have better moisture control and responds the same as those houses which have basements constructed underneath.” – The resoration resource.com The mold spores easily get into your home, and you and your family breathe them in. This leads to all kinds of health issues ranging from asthma, sinus allergies and respiratory infections to death!

2. Stop Water Damages Cracks can develop in your crawlspace and spread to your foundation. The longer water is allowed to sit inside the crawlspace walls or in the ground around your home, the more damage it will do. Plus, if you have water problems…anything stored in your crawlspace will be ruined.

3. Increase Home Value Waterproofing the crawlspace of your nj home increases home value. If you are looking to sell, nothing will make a potential buy head for the hills faster than a crawlspace or basemetn with water damages… Even if they are still willing to buy, they’ll happily ask to reduce the price by 25%


Get your crawl space inspected, fixed and waterproofed. Just give us a call at 877-495-9111