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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Philly


Many homes in Philadelphia, especially in the heart of the city, are built on crawlspaces rather than basements, …and most home owners have no idea of the potential hidden dangers that are lurking in their crawlspace!

Many people tend to associate waterproofing with basements rather than a crawlspace.

crawl space waterproofing harrisburg and philadelphia pa

Philadelphia Crawl Space Waterproofing – Before

But, the same rules apply to both.

See, in cities like Philadelphia, excessive rain in the spring and fall plus heavy snow falls lead to an excess of water getting into the ground around your home. This causes a few problems…

One, it makes the ground around the home “swell” up with moisture and water. This exerts a ton of pressure on the foundation walls and the walls of your crawlspace.

This leads to water being literally pushed into your crawlspace, both inside of it and inside the walls.

When water gets in the walls, it can be devastating.

This leads to cracking and can cause the entire wall to crumble and fail. Leading to extremely expensive repair bills.Waterproofing your crawlspace in Philadelphia protects it from water damage by making sure that:

1. Mold is removed and prevented from returning by sealing off and removing it’s food …water and moisture. This helps protect your health and the integrity of the crawlspace walls.

Mold is very harmful to your health.

It can cause respiratory problems, asthma, cancer and even death. It is especially dangerous to young children and pets.Mold spores originating in the crawlspace can get into the home and cause major health problems!

2. Your Valuables are protected. No more waterlogged boxes or ruined tools. With a dry crawlspace, those problems are a thing of the past.

3. Your walls are dry and strong. Water inside the walls can weaken the foundation and cause extremely EXPENSIVE damages!

In Philadelphia, where summer storms can cause major flooding, waterproofing your crawlspace is a must!

If you’re unsure how to do it, please consult a professional.