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Crawlspace to Basement Conversions


Do you want more living space out of an old basement or a wet crawlspace?

Need your foundation dug up and repaired or  waterproofed?  Our team of experts have the experience and equipment to complete professional excavations for whatever your basement or crawlspace needs. We take a great deal of pride in our work and it shows in our finished product! Let us help you turn the house you own into a home you love by ridding of the mold and moisture. Transform it into something new and exciting with Basement Solutions!

The crawlspace is not an area where many homeowners spend a lot of time. It is often dark, wet and uninviting and can become a ticking time bomb when left unfinished. They pose problems by reducing the indoor air quality of the home and main living areas above. Crawlspaces can cause moisture-related problems to the structure as well and often increase utility costs. Finishing your crawl space could ensure no development of mold and other moisture-related issues. These dangerous and costly problems cause illness in homeowners and pets if not addressed. Converting a crawl space into storage or livable space is the perfect way to create more room in any home. It also inherently increases the value of your home without taking away from yard space or your houses original footprint.

Basement Solutions handles a variety of excavations and waterproofing but is happy to assist you with your foundation needs as well! We can assist you through the planning of your project and help you with addressing problems both current and potential. Most importantly, we stay with you until it’s completed the way you want it. Here at Basement Solutions, we want your entire experience to be enjoyable and fulfilling, so we are committed to providing the best talent, materials, and workmanship to each and every project.

Don’t waste any more time! Contact us today for more information at 610-495-9111. Check out the whole process by clicking here.