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Can a Crawlspace Be Turned Into a Basement?


Hate Your Tiny, Damp Crawlspace? Is It Possible to Actually Change Your Crawlspace Into a Full Basement?

Let’s face it, crawlspaces are not the best option when it comes to storage…they are often damp, dank, attract rodents, snakes and other unwelcome wildlife, are prone to water damages (like mold and cracks in the foundation), and, frankly, are vastly inferior to having a basement. Many homeowners think that if they have a crawlspace, they’re stuck with it for good…but, with a crawlspace conversion, there is hope…

But, there is hope…

Can You Convert a Crawl Space Into a Basement?

convert crawlspace into a basementThere is a common misconception that converting your crawl space into a basement is almost impossible…it’s complicated and expensive.

But, the truth is that as long as you turn the job over to a professional, getting yourself a beautiful, full basement is not that hard!

In fact, it’s a job that can be done fairly quickly and you’ll be blown away by the result. A Cralwspace Conversion will literally transform your home!

Imagine for a moment having your home’s value increase dramatically…

…Adding a full extra story to your home

…Tripling or quadrupling your storage space

…Adding an Exercise room

…Having a Play room for the kids (and reclaiming your living room!)

…Having an home theater/entertainment room…

Quite a jump from simply having that boring old crawlspace, eh?

According to Remodeling Online Magazine, a finished basement currently adds value to a house equal to about 75% of the cost of the job. This varies convert crawlspace into basement, afterdramatically from place to place and can go as high as 103% of the job. Years ago, it was much higher. It’s expected to drop from now until late 2010 and then bounce back, according to the analysts I’ve researched.

This can mean the difference of thousands of dollars!

You literally are investing into your home money that you’ll get back when it comes time to sell.

The process of converting your crawlspace into a basement is often referred to as a crawlspace dig out or excavation and it is the process of converting a crawlspace into a basement.

It involves a contractor digging out an area under your home (where your crawlspace was) to a depth that is that of a full basement.

They then pour cement walls and flooring and install support beams. Typically, they also put in steps to an outside entrance with Bilco Doors, though this is optional.

It must be stressed that this can be a dangerous job and is NOT for the average Joe. Digging under your home can be dangerous and should be left to a professional.

While there is some up front costs, as we discussed earlier, the pay back can sometimes be well over what you paid for it!

If you’re sick of the crawlspace and you’re ready to finally start enjoying a full, fresh-dry basement, please give us a call at 610-495-9111.