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Crawlspace Waterproofing Avalon & Margate NJ


Have a Crawlspace? Waterproofing It is Key to Keeping Your Home Mold-Free

Down the Jersey Shore, in places like Avalon & Margate, crawlspace waterproofing is critical in keep your home free of mold and healthy.

In South Jersey, especially at the shore where the tide can often runneth over, the battle with mold rages on. Many homes are unprotected and this allows water to get into the basement walls when it rains. Waterproofing your Crawlspace in Avalong & Margate can help you win the war.

And, when it snows, the plows push all that white stuff up onto the sidewalks and into people’s yards. It melts, mixed with rock salt and acidic rain, and it makes avalon basement waterproofingit’s way through the ground and penetrates your basement walls.

Sadly, many Avalon and Margate residents simply accept that their basements have mold…they tolerate the white streaks and the peeled paint and bowed walls. It’s all part of living here, they say.

The truth is that all of these problems are highly avoidable, and, dangerous.

Waterproofing your Crawlspace protects your Margate and Avalon home by acting as a barrier between the walls and water. This repels water and acidic rain water from getting into the basement walls and causing damage. Once it gets it, it can be a very expensive problem to repair! Much easier to invest in waterproofing and get rid of mold and water problems before they get out of hand.

Basically, when waterproofing is done, you dry out mold’s food source…which is water and moisture. Once you do this, you can make sure mold is DEAD.

It wont come back.

So, make sure you have your crawlspace waterproofed to protect your  home!