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Dry Basement and Foundation With Downspouts


Downspouts and downspout extensions have a way of benefiting your home for a number of reasons. Leaks and other issues worsen when it rains but curbing these problems is easier than you think. Here are a few reasons to consider new downspouts or gutter systems during the rainy season.

Appearance and Value

From an aesthetic perspective, rain and water damage can completely change your home’s appearance over time. When it comes to selling your home, the damages and risks that arise from water can significantly reduce its value. Without downspouts, whenever it rains, you’ll begin to see deterioration, rust, mold or staining on the outside of your home.

Dry Basement and a Safe Foundation

Every homeowner knows the crushing blow that comes with water in your basement. Whether it be a flood or a simple leak, a downspout extension takes a large portion of the water that causes them and moves it away from the home. As rain falls, it moves down the roof and walls towards the foundation. If it is properly directed to areas of lower elevation, there is no way for the water to flood or even reach your basement.

Tips for Downspout/Gutter Installation

Ensuring you have an adequate amount of downspouts in gutter system will maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness while decreasing risk. With only one or two downspouts along your home’s exterior, water can back-up during heavy storms and your gutters and downspouts are then essentially useless.

You must also assure that your downspout bases are far enough from your home so that they do their job. The ends of downspouts should be positioned towards drainage areas that guarantee water makes as little contact as possible with the edge of your home’s foundation.

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