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Dry Ice Blasting Mold: Fast, Clean, Effective


Dry ice blasting accomplishes mold remediation faster than other methods.

Dry ice blasting does not require toxic chemicals and does not create toxic dust hazard.

We have learned that dry ice blasting can accomplish mold removal much more quickly than manual scraping and sanding. Using dry ice, we  are able to access hard-to-reach places and tight corners with the range of nozzles. Long hoses from blasting units can easily reach into attics and crawl spaces, even when the blasting machine is on a different floor.

The traditional methods of mold remediation involve a great deal of time consuming manual labor.

Manual sanding and scraping take up the majority of the time in any remediation project and, therefore, account for the majority of the labor costs for any remediation contractor. All contractor’s performing mold remediation have similar setup procedure . These are necessary and not time consuming including the set-up of the project, including negative air set-ups, containment and HEPA vacuuming.

Dry ice blasting replaces the manual sanding and scraping process.

Dry Ice Blasting is the best alternative to manual methods because there is no secondary waste. This is not the case with other forms of media blasting. Sand blasting and soda blasting both create twice as much waste as dry ice does. Sand blasting is very damaging to the surface being blasted and soda blasting can kill any vegetation by altering the PH levels in the soil it may come into contact with.


Dry ice blasting is safer for the environment.

It does not require toxic chemicals. Dry ice blasting removes and kills mold in one pass and creates no secondary waste, reducing labor costs.

Lastly, dry ice is a non-conductor of electricity.

Live electrical equipment does not have to be de-energized during the process. HVAC equipment and duct work can be cleaned without extensive dismantling.

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