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Dry Ice Mold Blasting

Dry Ice Mold Blasting


Dry ice mold blasting is the most effective mold remediation tool available today.

This new and efficient method removes mold faster and more completely than other method. It does not require toxic chemicals and does not create a toxic dust hazard from remediation.

Dry ice mold blasting accomplishes mold removal much quicker than manual scraping. Operators can access hard-to-reach places and tight corners. Long hoses from blasting units can easily reach into attics and crawl spaces. All while the blasting machine is on a different floor.


Mold blasting is safer for remediation operators and the environment.

It does not require the usual dangerous chemicals used with other mold removal methods. Dry ice blasting removes and kills mold in one pass, while creating no secondary waste.

Dry ice is a non-conductor of electricity. This means we do not need to remove live electrical equipment and wiring during the process. We are able to clean HVAC equipment and duct work without dismantling.

It is important to remember,

Mold is a sign of moisture in your home. In order for mold remediation to be effective, the source must be eliminated. Basement Solutions offers comprehensive basement waterproofing services. Our experts work with you and determine a basement waterproofing option that fits your needs and your budget.



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