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Essential Info for Adding a Basement to Your Home


Luckily, for those with crawl spaces on their homes, adding a basement to your home is cheaper and easier than ever.

Deciding to add that basement can be huge in terms of home value, living space, and storage areas. It will literally expand your home almost instantly…more space, more value…pretty good deal!

  • How does one convert their crawl space into a basement? How do you go about adding that dream basement… is it impossible? Expensive? Just too much work for the average person?

Is Converting a Crawl Space to a Basement Difficult?

converting a crawl space into a basement

A successful crawl space conversion

In the old days, conversions were a huge pain. They require a ton of work and the work is highly specialized. And, to make things worse, the cost of hiring a professional was much too prohibitive.

However, things have changed dramatically!

Now, you can hire a contractor to do your crawl space dig out for a pretty reasonable price. And, most professionals offer financing, so, you can pay off the job in time while the value of your home sky rockets!

A dig out is how the contractor replaces the crawl space with a basement. They actually dig out the area underneath your home and continue to a depth and width that allows them to now create a full basement.

They pour cement floors and walls to give the new room it’s form. It is then waterproofed and finished, giving your home a ton of new found space to store your goods or to add rooms to your home.

Are Dig Outs Expensive?

At first, a dig out or conversion may seem pretty costly. Especially in the old days where the home owner was required to come up with the whole amount up front. But, again, things have changed quite a bit.

Now, you can finance, the jobs are cheaper than ever because of advances in equipment, and, rather than being a cost, adding a basement is a great investment where you actually see a huge return on investment.

It is not at all uncommon for the home owner to regain more than 100% of the money they put out. In fact, returns of 130 – 150% are pretty common. It’s one of the few times that doing a home improvement job can actually MAKE you money rather than just costing you loot.

The process is not for the average home owner and a professional should always be used because the job is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Remember, you have to dig under your home… special support beams are needed and highly specialized equipment is used. This is not for the amateur.

The great return on investment, added living space, added storage areas and increased home value makes a crawl space dig out a slam-dunk.