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clinton nj basement wall repair

Fast Fixes for Foundation Cracks


Finding cracks in your foundation’s walls?

Here are some of the causes and solutions to common foundation and basement structural problems:

  • Pressure from the soil outside your home causes the cement to degrade and eventually crack. This also allows water to seep inside the walls. This is often caused by improper “backfilling.” This is the process by which the home builder puts the dirt that was dug out for your basement, back around your home.

This is often not done the correct way. To do it properly, the dirt must be tamped down every few feet or small air pockets will develop.

These pockets fill with water and combine with clays in the soil to clinton nj basement wall repairexpand and cause cracking and leaks. Have the dirt refilled, tamped and in many cases, fortified with a more favorable type of soil.


  • The above mentioned problem also leads to water that has no where to go. This is why “footer” drains are often installed before the dirt is refilled. This allows any water that does penetrate or pool outside of the base of your home to be carried away from the house and to an area where it will not matter if the ground swells.


  • If water has gotten into the basement or foundation walls, it needs to be drained. Water inside the walls is extremely dangerous in terms of weakening the structure, mold growth and leaks. Weep holes are usually used to drain the water, then the new drainage system is installed.


  • Sumppumps and non-elctric powered sump pump back ups should be installed. This is just in case there is any leakage or flooding, you can be assured that the water will be drained and damage will be minimal.

Make sure to have the inner and outer foundation walls waterproofed. This is the last line of defense against these problems. It can mean the difference in tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

  • Avoid drainage ditches (outside the home). These almost always lead to a muddy mess and can actually worsen the problem. Same goes for pin injections.


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