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fixing basement diy or contractor?

Fixing Up Your Basement? DIY or Hire a Pro?


Is it worth the time and money to hire a home improvement contractor? Wouldn’t it just be easier to just do the project yourself?

Depends, really. On the one hand, small projects can usually be done by the home owner, but, for bigger jobs, i.e., roofing, basement waterproofing, driveways or additions to the home, should be done by professionals.


Because the potential mistakes can be extremely costly. Waterproofing the basement, for example, need to be done by a pro. Contrary to what some slick sales fixing basement diy or contractor?people will tell you, slappin up some waterproofing paint is not waterproofing your basement. The actual process involves digging around your home’s foundation and re-filling in the dirt around your home in addition to waterproofing the inside and outside walls and often adding braces to strengthen the foundation.

So, some may try to go about it alone, but, the damages aren’t worth it.

When should you call a basement pro?

1. Your basement is leaking or, it’s flooding. You see cracks in the walls and on the floor. The moisture is seeping in, mold and mildew are growing around these cracks…and along the window pane. The basement needs repairs…but do you do it yourself, or, do you spend the money to hire a specialist?

Many home owners take pride in being able to fix things on their own. Creeky doors and holes in the wall are quickly fixed. Leaky Faucets and power washing the deck are easy fixes.

However, basement problems are not for the weekend warrior.

2. Basement water problems often stem from problems outside of the basement, in the soil around the home. They can wreck the house and will cause the foundation to crack and fall apart.

In these cases it’s best to call in a basement specialist.

Take, for example, waterproofing. Most assume it’s as simple as buying some $50 bucket of waterproofing paint and slapping it on the walls and floor with a roller. But, this is, in a word, craziness.

The waterproofing paint only provides a temporary “membrane” around the INSIDE of the basement. Most basement water problems are caused from the outside in. Pressure from wet soil around your home’s foundation causes water to be pushed into the outer walls.

This water penetrates the outer wall and gets inside the wall (especially cinder block walls). That water sits at the bottom of the wall, eating away at the concrete slowly but surely. The bottom of the wall and floor begin to weaken and rot. Water then makes it’s way inside the basement…but, since you put that waterproofing paint, now moisture and water are trapped between the wall and the paint. Mold grows. Mildew spreads. And, worst of all, the water sits and begins to, again, eat away at the concrete, this time from the inside out. It is a disaster.

Same goes for dealing with dampness. Dampness is also caused by water from the outside. It finds its way into cracks or around window wells.

Paining it or trying to simply plug the cracks will do no good and will result in major structural damages!

Again, those waterproofing paints only patch the problem very short term.

Same with removing mold. Commercial cleaners and sprays get mold off the walls for a few days, maybe a few weeks. BUT, mold will return as long as moisture is present. No moisture, no mold…it’s that simple!

This is why it’s so important to hire a basement specialist. There is, of course, a cost to hire them. But, when you consider how much you save in future repair bills and the added value your home will experience, you’ll see that it’s an investment and not a cost.

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