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Foundation Repair in PA, NJ and DE Area


Many homes in Philadelphia and the surrounding area experience foundation problems such as cracks and bowed or damaged walls. This often leads to structural problems, mold formation and leaks or flooding. The Spring and Winter months typically have the harshest effects on your home, but Summer can take its toll as well! Storms put a tremendous strain on the foundation of the home. As the Schuylkill floods, massive damages may follow.

Even the newest of homes stand at risk to these problems, age often does not make a large difference. The only way to properly cure these issues and stop the problem for good is with the expertise of Basement Solutions! Our solutions are time-tested and we pride ourselves in you feeling safe in your own home!

What is it?

foundation repair philadelphia pa

What exactly is foundation failure? When the building’s foundation or the basement walls begin to crack, shift, and crumble, we see obvious signs of failure. Luckily, if you catch the problem early it can be fixed. If it is ignored, the foundation will continue to fall apart and the house can experience much larger, more expensive problems. In the worst case-scenario, it could collapse. Nobody wants to even think about, let alone deal with a disaster like such but it happens more often than most would think.

What Causes it?

Any type build of home can experience foundation cracks or failure. As mentioned before, even new homes depending on how and where the home is built. Many older homes that were built before the use of computer aided design were often built on areas above wet, moving soil whether they knew it or not. Therefore, the foundations that were too weak to withstand the test of time and hold up to the pressures of the ground, water, and elements, will quite often see issues.

It can also be problematic for homes built on or around areas with various clay soil types. Clay can expand and contract with moisture and temperature. This places extreme stress on the walls and floor of your basement causing cracks, bowing walls, and water corrosion.

Improper back filling by your contractor can also contribute to foundation cracks and problems. Back filling is placing the soil back around the hole that was dug to make the basement or foundation. It is an absolutely crucial step and never taken lightly.

How Can This Be Fixed?

The key to saving both your home and inherently your bank account, is time. Like most things or any illness, the sooner these problems are spotted and treated, the easier the fix will be.

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The first step on our end is an engineer dispatched to do an analysis of the problem. They will assess the problem and diagnose the best course of action to stabilize the walls, floor and foundation. This can often include using “piering” or “underpinning.” This is a system of using vertical steel anchors. Think of them as braces for your home’s foundation. They serve their purpose in making the foundation stable and incredibly strong.

The next step in commonly installing a basement waterproofing system. This includes drainage to divert water away from the home and waterproofing of the interior and exterior basement walls, assuring no re-entry. Water is extremely persistent. It can be highly corrosive and when combined with the expanding size of clay soil, will literally push your walls in and cause failure.

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The best thing to do is to take a preventative approach! If you see any signs, do not wait…waiting is the fastest way to a failed foundation. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware residents can almost never afford to allow this to happen. We are here to help from prevention to recovery!

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