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Foundation Repair: Know the Signs


Unfinished basements aren’t exactly attractive places. Even if they are more typically used for storage, they can become even uglier when suspicious cracks and stains begin to appear on the walls. They are often an indication of a moisture problem and can lead to structural damage.

Wet basements also offer the perfect environment for mold and can become a safety concern. With these things in mind, it is essential to take appropriate action to repair your basement’s foundation.

Common Signs That You Need Foundation Waterproofing

1. Efflorescence (Light colored markings)

People often confuse efflorescence for mold because of its powdery and off-colored appearance. These marks result from the accumulation of mineral deposits on the surface of the wall. Water penetrates the pores in the walls and carries minerals/sediment with it. They are then deposited on the wall’s surface when the water evaporates.

Efflorescence may be harmless, but it is a clear sign of moisture. If this is the case, it is vital to look into waterproofing your basement professionally.

2. Dark stains

Black, brown or other dark colors on walls are often a sign of mold. It is a very common problem in wet basements and they tend to be the coolest place in the home. The spores that arise from mold pose a risk to your health, even without underlying conditions.

Mold is one of the first signs that you have a moisture problem in your basement. If you have any doubts about whether a stain is mold, it is crucial to have your home inspected.

3. Spalling/ Cracking

Spalling is known as concrete chipping off of the surface of the wall. The wall begins to crumble and flake as water that has penetrated the wall carries minerals with it. The salts deposited within the wall expand and the pressure begins to break the concrete. Although the process is slow, it is essential to address spalling and crumbling walls before they lead to much more serious issues.

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