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French Drain Job in West Chester


Recently we received a call from Mary from West Chester, PA.  Mary had been having issues with water intrusion in her basement.  Initially, the issue was minimal and rare, but over time it kept getting worse.  Mary called us, and in less than 24 hours we were at her place, performing a free inspection.  After taking a look at the foundation and the issue, we decided that an internal french drain was the best option for her.

When the necessary steps to waterproof a basement have been taken and leakage problems still arise, then it may be necessary to consider a French drain. French drains are ideal for keeping moisture and water seepage away from a basement, allowing a home and its contents to stay free of damage.

An interior French drain doesn’t prevent water from entering your basement. Rather, it catches water that seeps inside and channels it by gravity to a sump pump. The pump will take the water back outside or into a drain line.

To install an interior French drain,we cut a channel into your basement slab around its perimeter. Then we excavate the ground below the channel, install perforated drain pipes and a sump pump well, and fill the trench with drainage gravel. We use fresh concrete to patch the slab.

Interior french drains are easy to perform, require minimal equipment, and its minimally disruptive to your day to day.  We can complete a job in about 2-3 days.

We contacted Mary to make sure her basement was dry after the most recent heavy rains. Thankfully her basement is water free!

For any questions about our services, please contact us at 610-495-9111 or visit us at http://basements911.com/