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Haddonfield & Hillsborough NJ Basement Waterproofing Protects Your Home’s Foundation from Structural Damage


Basement Waterproofing in Haddonfield & Hillsborough NJ Fights Hard to Keep Your Foundation Strong, Secure and Free of Structural Damage Caused by Water

In every NJ home, even in places like Haddonfield and Hillsborough where the homes tend to be very nice, well built, and well-kept, there is a danger of basement water problems causing major damage to the foundation of the house. Waterproofing your basement in Haddonfield & Hillsborough can go a long way to keeping your home’s foundation safe.


basement waterproofing haddonfield nj

Well, when it rains, or, when it snows heavily and then that snow melts, all that water gets into the soil around your home. This causes it to “swell,” up, basically making the ground expand.

This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the foundation of your home and the basement walls. It can literally cause the foundation of your Hillsborough or Haddonfield home to buckle and crumble completely.

When you install better drainage you divert water away from your foundation. Waterproofing then seals out any excess water, not allowing the pressure from outside to push it through the basement walls, causing cracks, mold growth and damage to the structure.

Take a look at the video below…it’s a great example of one NJ Homeowner who put off having waterproofing performed, even though he saw signs of foundation damage.