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Harrisburg Crawlspace Waterproofing Keeps Your Home Dry, Mold Free


Crawlspace Waterproofing Harrisburg PA: Keep Your Crawlspace Dry and Clean

In Harrisburg, many homes are still built on crawlspaces rather than basements. Many assume that it’s ok to allow their crawl space to become wet, damp, dank, and full of mold. This can be extremely dangerous to your health and the value of your home.
Crawlspace waterproofing isn’t as popular as the same process on the basement, but, it should be.
crawlspace waterproofing in harrisburg paThe same way that mold gets into a wet basement and spreads the spores to the house, the same thing happens in the crawlspace.
A crawlspace made of cement, concrete or dirt will always a source of moisture and potential water problems, because warm air always rises and as it does, it brings with it air that was previously within the space which includes mold spores (this is how mold reproduces, these spores get into the air that we breathe and cause a host of health issues), dust, moisture and anything that could be airborne beneath.
So, just like it’s cousin, basement water problems and moisture, crawlspace moisture and water problems are extremely dangerous to the health of you and your family.
Also, these forms of physical health issues can be caused by this kind of moisture since it leads to mold growth, especially black mold… must odor, high energy cost and structural damage.

Plus, the the crawlspace is under the home…and then when mold grows it spreads throughout the entire house’s flooring system.

And, it can get into the frame work, behind the walls of every room in the home.

In Harrisburg, the solution is to get waterproofing done on your crawlspace. This will shield your crawlspace walls from water and moisture. This ensures that mold will not grow and any mold currently there will be killed off because of lack of a food source (moisture and water). Without food, mold withers and drops dead.
Waterproofing is the easiest and most economical way to keep mold away from your crawlspace and ultimately out of your home, the walls, the framework, the flooring and your lungs.