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Help! My Basement Is Leaking!


Despite the recent dry spell, summer rains are on their way and with them come leaky basements. What causes your basement to crack and leak and what can you do about it?

All around your home is soil that can soak up water and expand. The soil, often a clay mix expands when it rains a lot, and outside the basement, puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the walls, the cinder blocks can weaken, crack and allow water inside.

  • Water gets in through the exterior wall, and pours down and collects in a “pool” at the bottom of the cinder block wall (inside the wall).

The water gathers there, and because it is often very acidic rain water, the pooled water starts to “eat away” at the cinder block, resulting in water leaking in through the inside parts of the basement walls.

Luckily, this is a fairly inexpensive fixes to make. A basic waterproofing of the basement will get rid of those pesky leans in the walls. But, you MUST get to them right away. Don’t wait…small leaks can become major problems quickly so do not hesitate to get the leaks taken care of right away.

We can put in what’s called a “Sub Floor Pressure Relief System.”

This is an excellent way to not only relieve pressure on the walls of the basement but also to remove pooled water that collects in the bottom of the inside of the walls. Small holes are drilled in the the bottom of the floor inside the walls, where the water drains into the “relief” system (drainage system) where the water is taken away from the inside of the basement walls and put far away from the home. This relieves pressure on the walls and keeps the base of the walls strong.

What happens if you decide to let the problem go on without fixing it?

Well, all of that highly acidic rain water filters down throughout the also highly acidic clay soils (which already have poor drainage) and the acidity grows.

Over time, and not a lot of time, this can have a “dissolving effect” on cinder block and concrete, causing the foundation to fall apart.

Once this happens, your repair bills go from a few hundred to fifty to 75 thousand dollars! Obviously, an ounce of prevention is worth a 50,000 pounds of cure

If you see the leaks or any signs of mold, contact a basement waterproofing pro as soon a possible!