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How does water damage my foundation?


Water is known to be the the achilles heel of even the strongest foundations. Being entirely or partially buried in wet soil, you foundation walls are the areas of the house that are in constant contact with water. Rainwater and melting snow alike must be properly controlled and diverted away from the house. If not, they can inflict enormous amounts of damage in a home’s foundation. This sometimes ruins its structural integrity entirely.

Water tends to affect the homes foundation in three main ways:

  • Pressure: Water causes more than just small basement leaks and drips. Soil surrounding the foundation when too filled with water, causes pressure and pushes the walls inward, causing them to crack and bow. This can happen quickly and a suddenly during a period of heavy rains or just over time.
  • Expanding soils: In some areas of the Northeast, clay-rich soil will expand when saturated with water. This applies an enormous amount of pressure against foundation walls, causing them to bow, crack or shift unexpectedly.
  • Erosion: Rainwater or groundwater can over time move the soil that supports the foundation, causing unwanted settlement. Early foundation settlement signs aren’t always obvious and can be easily dismissed by the homeowner. Signs include:
    • sinking, uneven or unleveled floors
    • doors and windows that do not close properly
    • drywall cracks

*What to Do*

A small leak or crack on the basement wall or floor is often something homeowners feel like they can deal with on their own; as long as the basement isn’t flooding of course. Many actually put up with for many years, before they consider calling a professional.

Aversely, a cracked/sinking foundation or a bowing basement wall, can seem more serious. The foundation is the structure of the entire home and when it becomes even slightly damaged, let alone visually, it can lead to serious problems. Fortunately in many cases, thanks to modern technologies and years and experience, most problems can be solved with ease.

Basement Solutions, offers reliable and affordable solutions for all types of foundation problems. We pride ourselves in our service and aim to tackle most any problem thrown at us. We are eager to be a help!

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