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How Healthy is Your Home?


Many people do not realize the effect that a home’s basement has on the overall health of the house and those living inside it…

The basement accounts for more than two-thirds of all mold and mildew accumulated inside a home. Without proper treatment, the air inside can become toxic and dangerous. The worst part is, sometimes this is without noticing the slightest difference in air quality.

Anyone with children or pets and a concern for their health should be sure that their home is safe from these threats. Look for these signs of exposure if you are worried mold or mildew is in your home and affecting you.

  • wheezing/trouble breathing
  • rashes
  • watery/itchy eyes
  • runny nose
  • coughing

Another threat to the overall well-being of your home does not concern the effects it has on your health, but its structural security. Structural cracks in the walls or foundation of the basement can lead to much more serious problems for the homeowners. They pose a threat to further cracking which then leads walls crumbling. It also allows for water and moisture to leak into the basement and flood, creating weak points in the foundation and eventually mold.

With these things in mind, we aim to educate our customers. We want to improve your overall living conditions for a happier and healthier home. With mold remediation, basement waterproofing and structural repair, your home and basement can be healthier than ever. It can never hurt to be safe and you are much better safe than sorry when it comes to the dangers of black mold.

Many are not aware of the imposing threats lingering in the dark, wet basement corners. So if you are interested in finding out how healthy YOUR home is, contact our office (610) 495-9111 for a complimentary home inspection from one of our trained professionals or Click Here