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Ice Jams and Flooding

Ice Jams and Basement Flooding


The cold and wet northeast and Mid Atlantic winters can cause unwanted basement flooding and foundation issues to your home.

A common issue that can lead to big problems are ice jams. Ice jams form as a result of the above and below freezing temperature cycles, which causes the snow to melt and freeze on your home’s roof, gutters, and around the home foundation.
Heavy snows, then melting and freezing, all contribute to ice jams that can form above the gutters and along roof lines and prevent water from flowing into gutters and downspouts. This can lead to water an ice overflow that will fall right at the base of your home foundation, and this water can freeze again, forming new as ice jams against the foundation of your home. An ice jam at the base of your foundation can cause melting snow to run into basements due to water not being able to run off into the yard, potentially leading to a flooding.

Ice jams are very common during cold and snowy winters.

Preventive efforts work the best. In the fall, make sure that you clean out your gutters and down spouts after most leaves have fallen so water can flow easily through them. After heavy snows, and when possible, use a roof rake to clear snow about three feet back from gutters.

Also, check sewer and roof vents and clear away snow and ice. Blocked roof vents can cause moisture to build up in the attic and on the underside of roof sheathing, causing mold to form and damage to occur.

As snow melts, water can get into basements due to those ice jams. If this becomes an ongoing problem, build up dirt around the foundation to divert water away from the house.

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