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Irene Flood Your Basement? Waterproofing & Water Removal is Just a Click Away…


Basement Waterproofing in Cherry Hill, Haddonfield and Philadelphia + Water Removal = Fresh, Dry Basement.

Three areas that got hit extremely hard by Hurricane Irene, as far as water damages and basement flooding goes were Philadelphia PA, Haddonfield and Cherry Hill NJ.

philadelphia basement waterproofing and basement water removalMany are reporting several inches of water lying in their basements, as water pushed it’s way through the cracks, windows and walls from the enormous amount of rain that the storm dumped on the philadelphia area.

Many NJ and Philadelphia residents are finding that the old, Shop-Vac trick just isn’t cutting it this time around. The ground around your home absorbed an immense amount of water…some areas, from wildwood, through Ocean City and Sea Isle City all the way up through Haddonfield, Cherry Hill and even Philadelphia got between 7 and 18″ of rain!

This can cause terrible pressure on your foundation and lead to water flooding the basement of your home. This, of course, leads to:

  • Mold Growth
  • Cracks in the walls and foundation
  • Water inside the walls
  • Foundation failure