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Keep Your Basement Dry with Basement Solutions


Water may be the source of all life on Earth but it sure does have a destructive side, especially when it comes to your home’s basement and foundation. A bowed, cracked or sinking foundation can be potentially detrimental to your home and cost a fortune.

No matter if it’s old or new, your home can always be at risk for water damage. In fact, houses that are as new as a year old can experience major damages to the basement and foundation if not waterproofed and sealed correctly the first time.

Additionally, as time goes on homes are increasingly exposed to water problems. These issues can range from a musky smell, to mold infestation, to even the entire foundation simply collapsing. All of these problems clearly vary in cost to fix but they all threaten the well-being of your home. None should be taken lightly!

What Causes This?

Poor drainage systems can either be faulty to begin with or can become overwhelmed by excess water and clogged. This causes water to back up into the basement itself. Constant pressure is also being exerted on the walls and floor by the soil and groundwater around your basement. Melting snow and rainwater in areas of low elevation also tend to cause flooding and can easily enter your home.

When water enters the ground around your home, it begins pushing on the walls and floor, causing strain and pressure that can eventually lead to small cracks and holes. On top of that, rainwater is becoming increasingly more acidic and therefore, more corrosive and damaging.

Sometimes water and moisture is in plain sight, but other times it can be completely hidden from the naked eye. If you smell a musty odor in the basement or other parts of your home, you probably have mold and mildew growth.

Mold and mildew are often a silent threat to you, your family and your pets’ health. Slowly but surely, mold is known to cause sinus allergies, asthma, sickness and even death in some rare cases (like extreme black mold infestation).

If you notice the odor, don’t wait. Basement Solutions is here to tell you that this is one of your worst options. A basement waterproofing and mold removal professional like us has the experience to have your basement as dry as ever. Get the mold out of your home as quickly as possible and be confident that it’s gone for good.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

Waterproofing will turn the inside of a damp basement dry and more importantly, prevent water from coming back. It essentially kills mold by eliminating moisture and stopping it before it forms. This also stops wall and foundation cracks from forming or becoming larger. If any of these things are done with enough urgency, the chances of your foundation problems becoming too costly instantly lessen.

Waterproofing your basement is easy when you have a qualified contractor like Basement Solutions. We eliminate the hard work while keeping you informed and involved all the way. We offer cost effective, timely, and professional experience that makes our work a tremendous investment.

Your home is often the most important material thing you can own. Don’t put your homes well-being at risk or take it for granted. If something is bothering you or giving you doubt, don’t wait!

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