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Maple Shade & Medford NJ Basement Waterproofing Shields Your Home From Mold


How Basement Waterproofing in Maple Shade & Medford NJ Kills Mold and Keeps it from Ever Returning

Most people call carbon monoxide “the silent killer,” but, there is another…it’s silent, but not invisible. And, it lives in many homes in Medford, Maple Shade and all of NJ.


Most people see mold in their basements and don’t give it much thought.

“No big deal, we’ll just wipe it down with some Clorox.”

Well, unfortunately, that only works for a day or so. Until you eliminate moisture and water from your basement, mold will proliferate in your home Medford or Maple Shade NJ. Basement waterproofing is the key to curing this problem.

Just how dangerous is mold? Watch this short video and find out

Waterproofing the basement of your Medford or Maple Shade home gets mold out and keeps it out by eliminating it’s source of life – water and moisture. Without these, like any other living organism, mold dies.

Waterproofing seals the walls so that no water can penetrate and keeps the basement dry…killing mold and keeping it dead!