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Got Mold? Control Mositure!


More and more homes in the Philadelphia area are being hit with mold infestation problems. If you’re seeing mold or mildew in your home, it’s time to have mold removal performed!

The key to keeping mold out of your basement, kitchen, bathroom and the rest of your Philadelphia, PA home is to control moisture. See, mildew and molds live on moisture. Mold removal from a basement in philadelphiaWithout them, they have no food source and will die.

But, in some buildings and in some areas of the home like the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and crawl space have a tendency to build up excessive levels of moisture. Controlling the growth of this toxin is a matter of getting the water and dampness out of these areas. Obviously, in the bathroom and kitchen, this can be tough since water is common in these rooms. And, the basement is typically damp and many have leaks and moisture problems.

The problem is that mold reproduce by means of airborne spores. These spores get into the main air ways of the home and we breathe them in. They also land on surfaces which we touch and it can get on our food. And, if the spores land on another damp area, you now have a new place for infestation to occur.

Health problems can quickly develop, including:

– Asthma
– Allergies
– Memory Problems
– Loss of Hearing
– Arthritic Like Aches
– Flu Like Symptoms
– Coughing
– Sinus Congestion
– Nausea
– Dizziness
– Skin Rashes

And, many more problems can occur when these spores are allowed to roam free in our air and on our surfaces.

How do we stop this from happening?

Most people think that buying some bleach spray or some cleaner will be enough. They see the mold wiped away and think that its gone. But, as we discussed earlier, it will continue to grow as long as moisture and dampness exist.

In the basement, have a professional ensure that all leaks and cracks are taken care of. Run a dehumidifier to reduce the humid air. Have a mold expert check any organic substances and dry them out or remove them so they will not collect dampness.

In the kitchen and bathroom, make sure all pipes are secured and do not leak. Have a plumber or contractor caulk and fill in any and all areas where water collects.

If you take these steps and make sure that water doesn’t find its way into your basement, kitchen or bathroom, then you’ll be sure that mold will not grow!